“Nicholas has been such a great and supportive teacher for our son. He is doing better in school, sitting up taller, and taking the initiative and responsibility to focus on his work. We credit this to the values he is learning in his piano lessons.”

-       Parent testimonial


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"...but aside from my passion for collaborating and performing, there is no responsibility I take more seriously than my commitment to teaching. It is precisely because of this obligation that I do not undertake a teacher-student relationship lightly.

In my own musical upbringing, my teachers and mentors focused on the art of performing as their core teaching value. As a result, I structure each and every one of my students' lessons to progress towards a high-end performance goal, much like the way opera companies structure their production processes up to their opening night.

I leave it up to my students what they do with their achievements beyond that- be it competitions and music examinations, more performance engagements, or simply playing for their own enjoyment.

I demand from each of my students exactly what I demand of myself as a performer: a comprehensive and intimate understanding of the composer’s score coupled with a technical and musical approach of how to achieve it every time.

After many years of working with students of all ages and abilities, I find that my personal goal for them has always been the same- Whether playing recreationally or seriously, every student will receive from me the same needed pianistic and musicianship skills to take their level of playing anywhere they want it to go." 


“Mr. Dold was one of the most demanding teachers I ever worked with, but I loved every moment of it. He zeroes in on every detail of my playing while explaining things in a direct and easy-to-understand manner.”
-       Student testimonial